“We each try to do our own investigation of not-for-profits before we part with our hard-earned money. Usually the more we give, the more we investigate. But before you write that next check, or consider volunteering or serving on a board, there is one more question you should add to your check list: Rich or King?”

“Israel education is as much about shaping character, personality, mind, and social connectedness as it is about “furnishing an empty room with facts.” It’s actually a part of what our tradition, thousands of years ago, asked us to love “with all your heart, soul, and might!”

“Israel was never meant to be a state of (only) its citizens, but a state that is, at its core, devoted to the entire Jewish people. That has been true from the very beginning.”

“How many people should I give to? How much should I give? To whom should I give? Discover answers to your questions about Tzedakah.”