Our Guiding Principles

Dedication to content that probes the depth of Jewish ideas and texts.

Ambitious ideas that enable change where outcomes outweigh risks.

Pragmatic opportunities to leverage capital and use assets more efficiently.

Scalable work with potential for expansion and systemic change.

Measurable results tracked over time that demonstrate meaningful change.

Flexible processes designed to be responsive to our partners and people.

Why Maimonides

Twelfth-century scholar and scientist Maimonides (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, Rambam) described tzedakah (charity, righteousness) as having eight levels, each with different moral consequences. After enabling self-sufficiency, the most righteous form of giving is doing so in such a way that neither the giver nor the recipient knows the other’s identity. The donors behind Maimonides Fund strive to adhere to this principle.

Like Maimonides, the Fund is dedicated to fostering a profound commitment to Jewish tradition while engaging with the broader society and sciences.